Mold Remediation Services

We offer full mold and mildew mitigation and property restoration services.
Soda Blasted Attic.

Moldy attic in a home before work began.

Crawlspace before and after.

Same attic after soda blasting and installation of new insulation.

Constant training and improvement to our proceedures, as well as using the best equipment in the industry all add to our shining resume of completed work. We never use temporary or substitute workers, and the owner is always on-site to provide the highest possible quality of work. Our expertise means that we can find the source of your problem, fix it, and help prevent it from happening again.

Complete and safe solutions.

We use environmentally safe products and proceedures throughout our work. We don't just encapsulate or cover over mold like some companies or processes, we COMPLETELY REMOVE the source. Soda blasting is a leading technology in this field. By using dry, safe and non-toxic sodium bicarbonate as our medium, fast and simple removal of mold without extensive clean up or environmental consequences is possible. These techniques are used in conjunction with strict guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certfication (IICRC) S-520 standard.

Highly trained, fully certified mold experts.

Trained and certified restorers know where to look for damage, how to protect the customer and how to assist the insured or client in making a fair assessment of ALL the damage resulting from mold and mildew.

A restoration company does more than just clean. Restoration involves issues that deal with personal health, such as mold, mildew, unhealthy contamination and airborne disease.


Due to a recent event from a new mold remediation company in Rochester, New York, we feel compelled to add this disclaimer notice to our web site,as of January 2009.
Unfortunately, a new company to the Rochester area,recently purchased a "Problast" sodium bicarbonate cleaning system. When they made their purchase they viewed Our Video for mold remediation of and attic space. They then edited the video and inserted their company truck at the start of the video, then used our video showing our technicians and our clients home even the audio comments are from the attic we were working at. If you visit the web site you can view the original video made by our company. Both web sites, Problast and will show the exact video with the Feels Like Home Truck and equipment, the same red house and comments on the effective use of the Problast system cleaning mold stains from an attic space. We have taken the time and money to produce this video and it is unethical for some other company to use and edit our video.For example, the video comments mentions how "this company" has been working for 8 years previous to the "Problast System" and the other copy cat company has only been in business for a few months. we have asked them to remove our edited video from their web site, and they refuse to do so. The Canadian company "Problast" has agreed to allow us to make this disclaimer and is going to continue promoting their system with Feels Like Home Restorations LLC and our video.
Problast of Canada has also tried to negotiate with the other company to remove the video, and they too, have no success with them.
So come to the original Problast cleaning company with 10 plus years of experience and an insured and certified company in mold, water, and fire damage restoration. We have the confidence and integrity of doing the best job for your money. We also have hundreds of satisfied customers that will testify to our excellent work and integrity. We continue to stand behind our work with a full guarantee . We have the many years of experience and the continued education and certifications to present our customers with complete satisfaction and warranty of work performed. So- do you want the "ORIGINAL" Problast Team of Rochester, New York, or do you want a copy cat?
Trust with confidence in Feels Like Home Restorations LLC.

"At our residence in Brighton, New York we had experienced mold and water damage in our basement, both interior and exterior. New flooring, windows, cement blocks, panelling and mold removal & sealing were all required. In a very reasonable time frame all of this was accomplished in an expert and professional manner with a minimum of lost time and inconvenience to our daily lifestyle." -The Manns.
mold remediation

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"In doing research to find someone to remedy our situation, I found many paths leading to Feels Like Home Restorations from very satisfied sources. Our pesronal experience found them extremely professional, personable, prompt, fair in their pricing, thorough and a business we would not hesitate to use again or to highly recommend to others. We felt extremely comfortable having them work in our homes.

To anyone who is having to deal with the unpleasant finding of restoration needs in your home, "Feels Like Home" is a company that can help put your mind to ease and resolve your issues." - C. Barker

Our Certifications:

  • New York State Licensed Mold Contractor #MR-00084
  • Institute of Inspection Cleaining and Restoration Certification (IICRC)
    Water Damage Restoration (WRT)
    Fire & Smoke Restoration (FSRT)
    Applied Structural Drying (ASD)
    Odor Control (OCT)
    Proffesional Mold Remediation (S520)
  • Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA)
  • Restoration Industry Association (RIA)
  • Restoration Consultants
IICRC, RestCon, IAQA logos.